Southern Oregon Coast!

Harris Beach at Dusk

Harris Beach at Dusk

We lived on the Oregon coast from November, 2016 until November, 2017, “workamping” as co-managers of Portside RV Park in Brookings Harbor.  Having departed Texas in March of 2016, this was our first workamping job…  And We Loved It!  We worked for and with wonderful people and we came to know as family.

What is Workamping? How do you find jobs on the road?  Well, there are several websites that offer information about workamping. Actually, any job that you perform while living on the road is considered workamping. 

We found this job by placing a “Work Wanted” ad on the Workers on Wheels website.  Their site is packed with information about working while living on the road, including help wanted ads and ideas on ways to make money that you might not of thought of. If your interested in obtaining work while full time RVing, check out the Workers on Wheels website as well as Workamper NewsWorkampingjobs, Happy Vagabonds & Cool Works. All great sites about employment for those of us living the nomadic life!

As I said, we were very fortunate to find our employment with such great people and wonderful location.  Our RV Park was just across the road from the harbor so we could see the Pacific Ocean from our window.

The beauty of the ocean was enough to humble my ego and make me realize how small I am in this great big world! As a matter of fact, everywhere you look in Oregon there is something of awe!

Harris Beach Oregon

Harris Beach

But being on the coast is quite a bit different than living in the panhandle of West Texas.  For one thing, it rains…  it rains… and did I mention… it rains.  (I truly wish I could’ve capturd some of it and sent it back home.  I know they could’ve used it.)  Now don’t get me wrong, we go used to the reality that you can do almost everything in the rain that you can do in the sun.  Plus, we wouldn’t be able to enjoy the the beauty that is Oregon if it wasn’t for all that rain!  And when I say beautiful, I mean BEAUTIFUL!! 300 year old Sitka spruce trees, sandy beaches, rugged cliffs and mighty redwoods all lend to the amazing views of this great state.

Redwoods of Oregon

Jedediah Smith State Park

I have to admit that sometimes we were enjoying the views so much that we forgot to take photos.  But we did capture a few images that will help you understand what we’re talking about.  Nothing can replace seeing it in real life, though.  I have to say, if you’ve never been to the Oregon coast, you need to put it on your bucket list!  

For more info on Oregon parks check out Oregon State Parks.

Arch Rock, OR

Arch Rock

Cape Ferrelo, OR

Cape Ferrelo


Carl G. Washburne State Park, OR

Carl G. Washburne State Park

Spruce Islands at Sunset

Spruce Islands at Sunset

Lone Ranch Beach

Lone Ranch Beach

Whales Head Beach, OR

Whales Head Beach


Boats in Brookings, Oregon

Brookings Harbor