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The Grill!  

Our favorite way to cook and entertain!

Weber Q 1200 LP Gas Grill with Stand

As long as I can remember we’ve always had a Weber grill and have never been disappointed. But when we hit the road, it wasn’t exactly feasible to drag along our big, red backyard monster. So we did what we all do… went on-line and researched!

It wasn’t long until the Weber Q Series grill caught B’s eye. The Q series is Weber’s line of portable LP gas grills and a great fit for our needs.  It comes in a variety of sizes ranging from the Q1000 at 189 sq. inches of cooking area to the Q2200 with 280 sq. inches of cooking area.

We settled in the middle with the Q1200.  While it has the same amount of cooking area as the Q1000, it boasts a few extra amenities.  With the 1200 you get side tables, a taller lid, a built in thermometer and electronic ignition rather than a mechanical push button.

Weber Q Portable LP Gas Grill

Plus Weber is keeping it fun & fashionable offering the series in 8 colors from bright Green to Orange to Purple and more… We were boring though and went with your good ole basic black.  I figured as long as our previous Weber grill lasted, I might get sick of looking at bright Orange or Fuchsia!

The grill has legs that can support it on a picnic table or bench, but we decided to purchase a folding cart (also made by Weber). Once set up, you can lock the grill into place and easily pull it around by the wire handle. Then, after all your vittles are fired up and eaten, the entire cart and grill collapse for effortless storage.

B has used the Q1200 for all the regular stuff, like steaks, chicken, shish-k-bob and veggies.  But the surface area is large enough that he has smoked a salmon fillet in a commercial half pan.  And with the taller lid he can easily fit a beer can chicken!

Smoked Salmon on Weber Q1200


If we’ve peaked your interest in this little modern marvel, check out it out on Amazon. Compare the specifications and reviews and see which one is best for you!

I truly think it is a great product at a good price and backed by a reputable name.

And don’t forget the collapsible cart!