Flippin’ Out! – DIY Counter Top Extension

Counter Top Extension

Anyone who has ever stayed any length of time in an RV can attest that there is simply not enough kitchen counter space.  And for a couple like us, who love to cook, it’s more than an inconvenience!

Before we bought our fifth wheel, we had explored all sorts of floor plans for our new home.  Our plan of choice included the fifth wheels that had a stand alone island apart from the counter top.  This way we could work simultaneously on either side of the island without compromising the stove top, oven, cook top and sink usage. 

But, while we loved those shiny new RVs with kitchen islands, we came to the realization that those rigs really were out of our price range. So we started searching for a used fifth wheel in good condition. And there it was. Right in our home town, no less!  Our new home! A 2007 Cameo by Carriage. No, it wasn’t exactly what we had dreamed of. But it was an open floor plan, in good condition and we knew the previous owners.  So we felt secure that it had been well taken care of.  Plus, we felt more at ease with its affordability!  (Talk about Divine Intervention!)

OK, now with the back story out of the way, I can tell you about the actual topic of this post!

We lived in our fifth wheel for months before coming to the realization that we had to have an extension to our counter top.  There’s just no way we could prepare the types of meals we wanted on the amount of counter space we had available.

Kitchen Counter Tops as Purchased

Kitchen Counter Tops as Purchased

So B went online to research and found there are several ways to “extend” your counter space. Placing a wooden cutting board over the stove cover was one option. Placing a polyethylene cutting board over the sink was another. Even an easily stow-able, flexible cutting mat. While these are viable concepts for most anybody on the road, we needed to actually EXTEND the counter top. We still wanted to be able to use the stove top (with cover off) and have full use of the double sink. And as you can see in the above picture, we already were utilizing part of the counter for our old faithful wooden board.

There was one option that actually attached to the end of the cabinet to act as an extension.  The Camco Oak Accents Counter Top Extension. While it looked really nice and would totally match our existing cabinets, it was only 12″ long.  Add the overhang of our existing counter top and we wouldn’t have any real extra surface space. Back to the drawing “board!”  Cutting Board Folding Shelf Brackets

And B figured it out… We needed a folding shelf bracket that would withstand a lengthy board. And we already had a large polyethylene cutting board from the restaurant, so why not use it?  

Of course we went online to Amazon!  Brackets found and ordered! We received the brackets in just a few days, B attached them to the end of our counter top and screwed in our existing polyethylene board.  

Now, it may not be as attractive as the one that matched our cabinets, but who cares? Extra counter space with full use of the stove top and sink!  Allowing us to do what we love… prep and cook together!

Kitchen Cutting Board Extension

And the beauty of it is that it folds down when not in use.  Speaking of use… I have been known to convert it to an ironing board!  

Ironing Board

We couldn’t be happier with our new extended counter top!

What have you done to make your RV more livable?  We’d love to hear about it!