Date of Stay: June, 2016

900 North Highway 67, Woodland Park, CO      (719)687-9684    (800)410-0377

30-amp $36 + tax/nightly

50-amp $38 + tax/nightly   (Weekly, monthly & seasonal rates are available)

(Please note, rates may have changed since our stay.)

Settled in the small township of Woodland Park, Diamond RV Park has the feel of camping in the countryside. Tall pinewoods surround the perimeter as well as grow plentifully in the campground providing lavish shade.   Deer are often spotted strolling along and stopping for a bite to eat. Each site has a fire ring and picnic table with enough room to easily open your awning without fear of intruding on your neighbor’s space. The centrally located showers consist of three individual rooms each with its own outside access door. Which is unique, but I snuck a peek inside one and it was fairly confined in space with just enough room to undress before stepping into the shower. The bathrooms are separate from the showers and are quite spacious, with full mirrored vanities, electric plugs and sinks. The tent area offers an outdoor, deep tub sink to wash dishes. Something I haven’t seen in other parks.  I would imagine it’s a great perk for those in camping in tents or pickup campers.

Since the campground is located inside the city limits of Woodland Park, access to the quaint downtown area is minutes away. Like many in the area, the town center hosts a few restaurants, a brewery and a host of other shopping venues. During the summer months a Farmer’s Market is held every Friday, June – September from 7:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.  From November – May, the winter hours change to every second Saturday, 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.  Locally grown produce as well as some local artisan work is on display for purchase. Other vendor stalls include fresh seafood, baked goods, and grass fed meats with a few food trucks also in the mix. We love to visit farmer’s markets, but we’ve learned to be a little cautious. If you know that the veggie is not in season you can be pretty sure, even if the vendor offers it, it’s still not in season! We’ve just been so ready for some fresh grown tomatoes that we got duped more than a couple of times. And this was not yet the season for tomatoes so we avoided the urge to go for it anyway.  We did, however, enjoy some delicious squash, beets and fresh lettuce mixes. We fried up the squash and roasted the beets! Amazing! Check out how to roast beets in our Feta, Beet & Spiced Pecan Salad recipe.

Roasted Beet & Feta Salad with Pinons

This park was one of our favorite places to stay for the location, the atmosphere, and most of all for the people. Many of the campers were living there for the full season and did so year after year. Our next door neighbors were incredibly fun and welcoming. They invited us to a pot luck dinner that included most of the park. We weren’t sure what to bring so Billy opted for making some coconut chess pies and I fixed up some stuffed jalapenos. Those who have had Billy’s pies know that he made lots of friends that night! One after another came over with compliments and to ask questions how he did it. (My jalapenos were eaten almost instantly, but people seemed more interested in asking about that pie! Feelings were not hurt… no, really, I’m o.k.) We have kept in contact with our neighbors as we have traveled on up north, but look forward to seeing them again sometime next summer in Diamond RV Park!