• Cucumber Salsa

    Cucumber Salsa

    COOL, REFRESHING CUCUMBER SALSA! Like most of us, B and I enjoy cucumbers the same old way.  As a snack, in a salad and pickled. Don't get me wrong! Cucumbers are great as they are and in our established standbys. But this zesty cucumber salsa, with bell peppers, dill, red onion and more, will change your mind about this garden fruit!...MORE→

  • Clogged Toilet

    Got “Waste….ed”…

    Unfortunately, I'm not talking about sipping on a fruity drink while lying on the beach. (Although sometimes, that is part of the RVing lifestyle!) No, It's really just a feeble play on words for a clogged black tank/toilet kind of scenario. (Waste... toilet was "Wasted"...  get it? It's a stretch, I know!) I just figured the cocktail was a...MORE→

  • Muffaleta with ham, salami, summer sausage

    Muffaletta with Olive Salad

    Muffaletta Our Way! \When we were creating our version of a New Orleans' favorite sandwich, the Muffaletta, we worked with the "olive salad" to meet our own taste.  A classic Muffaletta is made with an olive salad that incorporates capers and giardiniera, an Italian pickled vegetable relish. While we usually love pickled anything,...MORE→