• Grilled Quesadilla

    Beef Quesadillas

    Living on the road, we've found any time we can cook outdoors, we get after it! Of course, cooking on our Weber grill allows us to enjoy the beauty around us.  One of the reasons we are on the road in the first place!  But as anyone that has ever lived in an RV, whether as a "weekend warrior" or a "full-timer", you know that cooking indoors is a...MORE→

  • Yamaha 2000iS Generators

    Yamaha EF2000iSv2 Generator

    Before we hit the road to live full time in our fifth wheel, we did a lot of research to find the right generator. We figured we would mainly stay in parks and campgrounds with full hook ups. But then again, we thought we may want to occasionally "boondock" and get off the grid, away from the world!  You know... live out in the boonies with no...MORE→

  • Sewer System

    It Ain’t Pretty, But…

      We gotta do it...  In the picture above, our friends, Joe & Jodi LeBlanc, make the most of the usual ugly sewer setup.  I was so impressed!  By utilizing beautiful flowers, artistic pots and colored hoses, they are able to divert the attention of everyone walking by from the fact of what is really going on! What a lovely disguise!...MORE→

  • Spruce Island Oregon

    Southern Oregon Coast!

    We lived on the Oregon coast from November, 2016 until November, 2017, "workamping" as co-managers of Portside RV Park in Brookings Harbor.  Having departed Texas in March of 2016, this was our first workamping job...  And We Loved It!  We worked for and with wonderful people and we came to know as family. What is Workamping? How do you find...MORE→

  • Weber Q Series Grill

    Grillin’ & Chillin’

    The Grill!   Our favorite way to cook and entertain! As long as I can remember we've always had a Weber grill and have never been disappointed. But when we hit the road, it wasn't exactly feasible to drag along our big, red backyard monster. So we did what we all do... went on-line and researched! It wasn't long until the Weber Q Series...MORE→